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This is for my Coaches

Some players have hard heads and just don’t get it.

You coach them and you show them over and over, but you just can’t get through their thick skull. You try your best to help them visualize the mistakes they are making when batting, but they just don’t listen. Sometimes you have issues with hitters that step out of the batter’s box towards third base (stepping in the bucket), or diving over the plate to hit the ball, or over-striding and losing the power of the swing. You keep repeating yourself with phrases like, “look where your foot landed”, or “you opened up to early”, or “look you stepped out again”, only to be meet with excuses that range from “I’m not scared of the ball” to “I thought I could hit the pitch.

With The Fix you can silence all those excuses. The Fix doesn’t disappoint once you strap the quality neoprene leg cuff to the front ankle and position the 12 pound heavy duty bag with the cable extended. Your hitter doesn’t have an excuse to fall back on. If the batter steps out, they will feel the tug of the bag and if they are over striding they feel the tug of the bag. Now, this is where the magic happens. You no longer have to explain to them what they are doing wrong. They feel it naturally, their body is telling their brain what to do. Now you can focus on the correcting the problem and not diagnosing it over and over again. The Fix works wonders helping hitter to create good muscle memory, while swinging. This in turn keeps the hitter develop a concentrated, focused vision for driving the ball and not what their feet are doing. This is what Coach Roy Anderson a former Georgia Southern Eagle and Cincinnati Red said about The Fix, “The Fix is a simple tool that helps hitters establish correct footwork. Every swing starts from the ground.”


 This review comes from the 2009 Sporting News Rookie of the Year Gordon Beckham
“The Fix is the best hitting training tool since the invention of the hitting tee”

There is no doubt that if your hitters would just listen to you, they’d be batting much better than today than yesterday. You probably have a couple of players that listen and comprehend everything you say, then instantly put it into action. You can focus on these star players only or share in the wins of the players you’ve found the toughest to coach.

If you ignore these kids you’ll find yourself with runners on first and third, one out in the bottom of the ninth and your favorite “hard head” heading to the plate. I’ll let you finish the storyline for yourself. A frustrated coach only leave the players even more frustrated and will find no joy in playing ball.

We want you to take pride in the fact that you were able to help these young players to develop into their potential. Share in the celebration of those hard heads that just drove in the winning run. Admit it: earlier you had them hitting into a double play. Enjoy the fact that you are correcting mistakes and winning!

We guarantee you’ll find coaching your hitters easier and will produce better footwork, along with fixing stubborn stride issues. Buy The Fix today and turn those “I don’t get it” excuses into hits.

We specialize in providing sports training aid products that give you the competitive edge you need to succeed in any sporting arena. Common issues such as stepping in the bucket, over striding, diving in over the plate, and more is an easy fix with STATS International.


Product Features

Stepping in the bucket is when the batters front foot goes out toward the third baseman (as a left handed hitter and vice versa). And when that happens, the hitter gives up power, velocity, and yes – plate coverage.

The Fix™ is one of baseball hitting aids designed to help hitters overcome their fear of being hit by the baseball and eventually train them the proper stride by helping the body memorize as to where the front food should land. Muscle Memory when hitting is so important to establish at a young age for hitters.