Designed to help batters overcome the natural instinct to step away from a strike-zone aimed fast-pitch softball or baseball, The FIX™* keeps the front foot in proper placement. Improve your hitting game by avoiding common issues such as stepping in or out of the bucket, over-striding, the ballerina stance, and diving in with The FIX™*.

The Fix™


The Fix™ can improve your foot movement and placement to deliver a powerful swing and avoid the common issues in baseball hitting.

It is made of high quality materials guaranteed to last the daily grind of any baseball and softball season.

(weight sold separately)

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Product Description

The Fix™ front foot was designed to correct the wearers foot movement and placement during a baseball swing and improve your baseball swing mechanics. For any young and old athletes, to deliver a powerful swing he should know the proper mechanics and know how to use every inch of his body that adds up power and velocity to his swing. Baseball hitting aids gives young athletes a boost and with The Fix™ you are sure that they’re one step ahead.


The Fix™ doesn’t just help your kids overcome fear from getting hit by the baseball but also cure common issues in baseball hitting such as:

    • Stepping in the bucket
    • Over striding
    • Flying open or Pulling off the baseball
    • Diving in over the plate
    • The ballerina stance


Product Specifications

Size outer bag: W 11” X 15”

Size inner bag: W 10” X 12.5”

Material outer and inner bag: Heavy duty 600x600D oxford polyester

Handle: Rubber with inner tube for easy carrying

Packaging: Poly bag including made in China sticker

The bag has 2 pockets:

  • 1 pocket is to hold the 36” cable and ankle strap closed by velcro
  • the other pocket is for the 10 lbs or 20 lbs weight closed by a heavy duty zipper


  • 36” Metal cable connected to the ankle strap (has a black plastic coating for protection)
  • Washable ankle straps (with an easy to connect carbineer)
    • Inside of the ankle strap is made from soft neoprene for skin protection